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To begin planning your customized expedition, all you need to do is reach out! Our staff will go over the many options and experiences for you to choose from with recommendations and advice throughout the process! You can also follow our other platforms for updates on the business as well as content like post-expedition fishing reports, high-quality photos, videos, and more!

For additional information and for booking, please contact us by email:  info@4CornersCostaRica.com  or call 843.709.0686

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Illustration by Eric Sautter

“4CCR absolutely exceeded my expectations about what a “fishing trip” could be. So much more than just catching fish, which we did! I didn’t think that many locations could be fished and caught in only a week! Chuck and the team were awesome about handling all details and it allowed me and the other veterans to relax and just have fun.”

Iggy L., Veteran, US Marine Corps, Buffalo, NY

I had such a memorable experience with @4cornerscr. If you're looking for fish, adventure, good rum and better hospitality, incredibly fresh food, breathtaking views and wildlife....look no further. @4cornerscr will customize a trip for you that will absolutely deliver. This trip will go down as one of my greatest adventures of all time!

Capt. Sage (Indendi) Johnson, Katmai Trophy Lodge- King Salmon, Alaska

A very unique experience across multiple locations! Anglers are rarely able to pursue as broad of a spectrum of saltwater and freshwater fish; as well as have such an eclectic variety of fishing environments in a single fishing trip. This variety of offerings consolidated into a seamless package allowed me to add a few more notches in my cap than what I'd be able to accomplish on a typical destination fishing trip.

Capt. Pierce Hite, Breckenridge CO



4Corners • Costa Rica
YouTube Channel

4Corners • Costa Rica
YouTube Channel

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Photography by Paul King, David LeBlanc, Alec Lucas, Charles Warren, Chuck Hill, and Peter Gorinsky